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Hi everyone, I hope you've had a great and adventurous weekend!  Today, I am very excited to share with you my favourite oil products for a good skincare/haircare routine.  I have narrowed down my oil list to six products, and all of them are natural beauty products.  To be honest, I have used more unnatural beauty products than the natural ones in the past, especially for makeup products...  However, I am slowly changing my skincare routine and switching to use more natural beauty products to my daily routine.  I fairly believe that putting natural ingredients on your face or body will bring more benefits than using chemicals on yourself!  Not only so, natural products are a good balance among beauty, environment-friendly, and well- being.  I will continue to share with you guys my experience using natural beauty products in the near future, meanwhile, let's check out my favourite oil products!

Firstly, I want to share the 100% natural oil products that you can easily get anywhere, which are the coconut oil and avocado oil!  I am sure you all know that coconut oil and avocado oil are extremely good for your hair, skin, and even your body.  Once a week, I would make a hair mask by combining just pure coconut oil or avocado oil and honey.  Coconut/Avocado oil definitely helps my hair grows faster, shinier and healthier when I use it frequently.  I also use these oil for makeup remover, and body scrub (mixing with salt or sugar).  Sometimes when my skin gets dry, mostly during the winter time, using a little bit of coconut oil as a body moisturiser always bring back the glow to my skin.  I also use coconut oil and avocado oil for cooking as well!  

Now, another organic oil that I'm using at the moment is this Acure moroccan - argan oil.  This product is also 100% natural, rich in vitamin E and proteins.  I use this oil for my nail and facial/body massage.  It absorbs very quickly and does not leave a greasy feeling to your skin at all.  And what I love the most is the herbal and rosy smell of this argan oil.  The fresh smell itself can boost up my energy for the day already ;)!

Moving on, I want to share with you this triple C peptide firming oil by Dr Dennis Gross.  This oil helps brightening and strengthening your skin complexion.  There are three form of vitamins C, vitamin D & K, essential fatty acids, and 17 nutrient-rich botanicals in this little bottle itself!  I believe this is a >50% organic product, plus I can read every ingredient easily because they are all natural oils! My skin is between a combination to dry type, so this oil definitely helps moisturising and making my skin look dewy.  In the winter, I often use it as a make-up base before putting foundation.

This is another argan oil product from Moroccanoil, which is also 100% natural product of pure argan oil.  This oil is probably one of the most popular products at hair salons for conditioning and styling.  I have been using and repurchasing this oil for over 3 years now.  This oil is very thick!  And I promise one bottle definitely lasts for a while, I only use 1-2 drops each day.  A little goes a long way!  Overtime, this oil has nourished my damage hair, protected my hair from the heat and the sun.  Moroccanoil surely brings a smoother and shinier complexion to my hair. 

To end up my list, I want to invite you all to try out this Aveda 'invite' Scalp Revitalizer.  Aveda is one of my favourite beauty brands that use more than 50% of natural ingredients in their products.  So I use this scalp once or twice a week after showering.  I spray a few times all over my scalp (on damp hair), massage for about good one minute, and leave my hair air-dry naturally.  The vitamins in this product help increasing microcircullation of your scalp while applying therapeutic massage.  Doing scalp massage with oil/revitalizer will fasten your hair growth and strengthen your hair texture. 

Natural Beauty Oils:

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