Plastic-Free Shopping Guide

In our modern world, it is easy to get stuck in a fast-paced lifestyle that offers immediate convenience with single-use items, such as plastic bags, plastic straws, or takeout cups.  Every year, 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide; this means 2 million plastic bags are used each minute (Earth Policy Institute).  Almost every shop we visit provides some kinds of mass-produced plastic products that can be effortlessly thrown away after one use.  Imagine the other side of the picture, where do all of these single-use items go if they can't be recycled: landfills.  Sadly, this makes many of us hard to believe that our world was once plastic-free.


My passion for environmental sustainability started in 2014 when I took an Environmental Studies course at my university.  Ever since I grew my interest in the environment, I slowly became more conscious of what products I purchase in the market and how my footprint affects the environment.  To reduce the amount of trash being sent to landfills, I started to recycle and compost.  Not so long ago, I created an ECO section on The Rosemary Life and wrote my first blog post about being eco-conscious at the beach.  As I am still in the progress of learning and making small changes at a time, I want to document and share this green journey with you all through my blog!

Summer Beach Guide

The refreshing power of the ocean relinquishes one of the most healing medications to the mind and the body that is scarcely comparable with anything else.  I am always amazed by the soothing abilities that the ocean offers.  Being present at the beach restores, invigorates and cleanses my soul every time.  Walking along the shore and dipping my toes in the waves are always so pure and blissful.  One day at the beach can give me the energy and rejuvenation for a long period of time.  The luxuriance of sea air melts away all stress and tension in my life.  The ocean air stays deeply in my soul that I can’t seem to find the same aliveness elsewhere.

Flare Jeans

Little Villa dei Papiri

Have you ever imagine yourself living in the ancient Roman times?  As of late, I have been imagining myself awakening in the vintage and sumptuous castle with marble floors and bird whistles.  Whenever I travel to explore the mysterious pieces of world history, I continually wish to actually be present in that era in order to taste the real flavor of life in the Ancient World.  I always get fascinated by how ancient people could build such distinctive edifices using marbles and stones.  I am truly obsessed with the ancient architectures, better than those modern skylines that I see in every downtown corner nowadays. 

Hawaii Guide: Oahu Island

Oahu is beyond any doubt one of my favorite islands to visit in Hawaii due to its impeccable combination of active city life and peaceful island life at the same time.  If the heart of Oahu, Honolulu, offers the buzz of modern vibes, then the northern/eastern shores contrastingly offer the allure of serene island lifestyles.  Every culture can be represented in the island so you can always find something to do all week long and all season long.  Hawaii constantly stays warm and pleasant all year round.  The average temperature during daytime is between 78F ("winter" months) - 88F (summer months).  Nighttime temperature is ranging from 65F-75F.  Long daytime with plentiful of sunshine makes Hawaii an all-season destination for tourists.  If you are seeking a rejuvenating escape, scroll down to see my takes on the places to stay, eat, and do in Oahu, HI!