My passion for environmental sustainability started in 2014 when I took an Environmental Studies course at my university.  Ever since I grew my interest in the environment, I slowly became more conscious of what products I purchase in the market and how my footprint affects the environment.  To reduce the amount of trash being sent to landfills, I started to recycle and compost.  Not so long ago, I created an ECO section on The Rosemary Life and wrote my first blog post about being eco-conscious at the beach.  As I am still in the progress of learning and making small changes at a time, I want to document and share this green journey with you all through my blog!

When I shopped for lotion, I supported sustainable and cruelty-free brands that use plastic-free and recyclable packaging.  But the number of empty product bottles added up over time and I felt the urge to lessen that unattractive number.  After recycling bottles after bottles, I decided to make my own body butter!  All I did was combining a few natural ingredients and storing them in a jar.
Homemade body butter is SIMPLE and AWESOME because it is package-free, cruelty-free, and toxic-free!  Kindly scroll down for thorough steps and graphic demonstration.


  • Cocoa Butter (1/3 cup - 78 ml) 
  • Shea Butter (1/3 cup - 78 ml)
  • Coconut Oil (1/3 cup - 78 ml)
  • Sweet Almond Oil (1/4 cup - 59 ml)
  • Essential Oil - optional (a few drops)

NOTE: An electronic whisk is required in order to transform the hard texture of the butter into a fluffy and creamy texture. 


  1. Combine and melt all ingredients in a double boiler for 5-10 minutes
  2. Store the melted mixture in the fridge for an hour or until completely hardened. 
  3. Once the solid, whip the mixture until it becomes fluffy like a whipped cream consistency. 
  4. Transfer to an air-tight jar and store at a cool temperature. 

This body butter recipe should last for a few months but I normally use it up within 1-2 months. I have dry skin so the ratio of the ingredients above works perfectly for me!  Feel free to adjust the ratio depending on your need.

NOTE: This is an anhydrous recipe (it does not contain water-based ingredients). Therefore, it is safe to use without preservatives and should last for months. 

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