Meaning of Life

Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself what, if anything, makes life meaningful?  I assume that you have thought of it at least once in your life, whether you care to find out the answers or not.  The question about life meaning is a controversial and thought-provoking topic that we mankind has always been struggling and debating for centuries.  Depending on what religions you practiced, and depending on what perspective you view in life, we can all have immensely different answers to this question of life meaning.  For instance, God-centered viewers and Nihilism-centered viewers will answer this question quite dissimilarly.  Regardless, I am not going to make this blog post a rhetorical argument or a forceful persuasion on your current beliefs, values, and behaviors.  This is just a casual and positive blog post about my random day thoughts that I want to share with you all.  By the end of this post, hopefully, it will bring out a healthy discussion and a closer connection between you and me, readers and writer!