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Have you ever taken a moment to ask yourself what, if anything, makes life meaningful?  I assume that you have thought of it at least once in your life, whether you care to find out the answers or not.  The question about life meaning is a controversial and thought-provoking topic that we mankind has always been struggling and debating for centuries.  Depending on what religions you practiced, and depending on what perspective you view in life, we can all have immensely different answers to this question of life meaning.  For instance, God-centered viewers and Nihilism-centered viewers will answer this question quite dissimilarly.  Regardless, I am not going to make this blog post a rhetorical argument or a forceful persuasion on your current beliefs, values, and behaviors.  This is just a casual and positive blog post about my random day thoughts that I want to share with you all.  By the end of this post, hopefully, it will bring out a healthy discussion and a closer connection between you and me, readers and writer!

It is very natural for us to delve into the questions of life.  Money, art, power, fame, possessions, religions, happiness… there is an abundance of factors that can influence our ethical thoughts, moral judgments and perspective views on life.  We look for the answers of what matters in life via many sources such as history lessons, philosophical terms, or others’ life experiences.  It is impossible for us to all agree on one conception or one definition of life meaning. 

I think we all have the freedom to choose what attitude we want to take towards our lives.  We have the freedom to goggle and view our lives in any way we want.  We have different senses of meaning and different senses of responsibility in our lives.  We decide what our existences are at the moment and what they will be in the following moment. And because each one of us is so unique, our “definitions” to the meaning of life are extremely different from each other.  For instance, some people find their careers are the keys to their lives, in which brings tasks and meanings to them.  They can get caught up in work so much that the need of constantly carrying laptops or cell phones is a must.  They might focus on work only and live their same daily routines.  In contrast, some people fill in the gap of their lives by using drugs or alcohol.  They do not have the high ambition to succeed and they view life in different perspectives.  It might be important for someone to be on top of a career, but it might not apply to others in the same way.

So what is your life purpose?  Why do you choose to pursue your current career?  Why do you choose to be who you are today?  What are things that make your life happy?  We all can have different answers to those questions.  We should not judge others’ answers to life meaning; we should give a good care for our own answers instead. 

You have your own power to shape your attitude towards life.  You are the one who creates the meaning to your life.  Your life story is unique, make it as colorful as you want!
Do not look at someone else’s life and try to “copy and paste” it to your life.  You will not find joy, satisfaction, and contentment by doing so.  Ask yourself why wasting your lifetime to plagiarize others’ life stories.  You have the freedom and the rights to create your one and only life story!  Listen to your heart.  Do what you passionately love, and do it with a lot of LOVE as well.  

And yes, I admit that life is a sequence of twists and turns, in which is filled with never-ending challenges.  There will be times when you feel weak or exhausted.  You might ask yourself “Am I doing the right thing?”  Every now and then, you can have doubts wandering in your mind.  And it is OK to feel that way sometimes!  In fact, I think we should welcome those sad or uncertain feelings.  Questioning ourselves can be powerful! 

Life should not make “Happiness” as the only character of the story nor the only star of the show anyway.  Life is not perfect.  What is the definition of Perfect likewise?  Well, I just know that a beautiful life is never Perfect.  Life should not be painted out of a plain PINK color.  Life is vivacious, life is flavorful, and to me, life is a roller coaster. 
After all, I still want to give thanks to the challenges that life provides.  Because of those life challenges, I inevitably grow and continuously learn more about myself.  It is ok to have a bad day!  It is ok to cry once in a while.  Those times will also be the keys to open up your life diary.  Your diary will become much more meaningful and inspiring.  Remember, “When one door closes, another opens,” a well-known quote by Alexander Graham Bell.  Do not waste time thinking how regretful it is to miss that closed door.  Failures, mistakes, and setbacks are what build you stronger.  Indeed, I truly believe that all things happen in life will only make you become more powerful and discerning, not the other way around!

Bottom line, you are the one who gives your life a special story.  So keep chasing after your dreams and keep creating unforgettable stories.  Have passion to reach for the stars, and have faith in the beauty of your dreams, why not?

Stay Strong, Be Motivated, Be Positive <3
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  1. Very meaningful reading. It is important that we have dreams and follow our dream. One of my dream is meeting you in real life. Wish my dream can come true one day.

  2. sometime, finding your own purpose isn't enough but also helping everyone has a sense of purpose. such a enjoyable piece of reading.