Summer Is Coming To An End

Before I start sharing anything on today’s blog post, I firstly want to send my deep apologize to you all who are following my blog because I did not publish any post on The Rosemary Life for the last few months.  And I also want to say a BIG “thank you” at the same time for the love, support and encouragement that you have given to me and my blog.  You guys are part of my inspiration and you are the reason why I give my full passion for writing this blog.

During the summer months, I did not write a single blog post, not because I was lacking of inspiration, but because I was trying to meditate, contemplate and concentrate...  I wanted to stop thinking forward about the future and stop dwelling on the past.  I made a promise to myself that I would limit the use of technology as much as possible.  I decided to do so because I wanted to refresh my mind and give myself a break.

It is not easy to give up on any habit that I stick to every single day.  I admit that I constantly stay on my computer and my phone trying to keep up with piles of emails, assignments, and other social connections.  
But once I stopped fretting about the deadlines/the future, my summer journal suddenly became more exuberant.