Summer Beach Guide

The refreshing power of the ocean relinquishes one of the most healing medications to the mind and the body that is scarcely comparable with anything else.  I am always amazed by the soothing abilities that the ocean offers.  Being present at the beach restores, invigorates and cleanses my soul every time.  Walking along the shore and dipping my toes in the waves are always so pure and blissful.  One day at the beach can give me the energy and rejuvenation for a long period of time.  The luxuriance of sea air melts away all stress and tension in my life.  The ocean air stays deeply in my soul that I can’t seem to find the same aliveness elsewhere.

Did you know that oceans generate up to 70% of the oxygen in the atmosphere and 97% of the Earth’s water?  Yes, there would be no life without the oceans; they are the essential support to all living organisms on Earth.  As oceans constantly rejuvenate our planet, it is important to remind ourselves to protect the sea and recognize its benefits in our lives. 

It can take up to many human life cycles for litter to degrade and take decompose, for instance: 
  • Plastic bags: 450 years
  • Fishing line: 500 years
  • Aluminum cans: 100 years
  • Cigarette butts: 3-5 years 

Even one little piece of garbage can cause many kinds of issues for marine and human life.  When micro-organisms consume microscopic pieces of plastic, they will build up in the food chain, in which larger marine animals will also consume plastics to their bodies.  As a result, we will consume contaminated seafood that leads to serious health problems such as cancer and other damages to our immune systems. 

As summer is right around the corner, I am sure that all beach lovers out there are excitingly planning their trips to the beach with friends and families.  So I thought this is a perfect time to write this blog post as a friendly encouragement for everyone to promote a healthy beach lifestyle and take action to keep our beaches clean this summer and all year long! 

Scroll down for more tips and recommendations for environmentally friendly products!

Biodegradable Sunscreen – While the sun is the best source of Vitamin D, it can harm your skin at the same time if you are not properly protected. In addition to wearing UV-protective sunglasses and covering hats, remember to apply sunscreen too!  You can also use natural remedies like pure aloe vera to help healing and cooling down the skin after exposing to a lot of sun. 

There are many SPF products in the market that may contain chemical additives, which might be harmful to our skin and the environment.  The residues of chemical sunscreen to the oceans damage marine life, especially coral reefs.  Try to look for sun-protection/sun-care products that are formulated with physical active ingredients, such as zinc or titanium oxide: 
Babo Botanical
Hawaiian Kokua Sun Care
Raw Elements

Eco-friendly Beach Towels and Bathing Suits – Be a smart consumer in the market and support ethical companies to help protecting the environment!  When shopping for towels or bathing suits, look for the ones that are made of organic fiber, recycled materials, or other sustainable materials.  Pesticides (found in conventional cotton) can harm your skin and the environment.  If you do not have to purchase new beach towels, use your old ones instead of buying more since they have been rid of the chemicals by being washed a lot of times.

All Sisters Swimsuit

Besides thrift-shopping, here are some green and stylish bikini brands that you can browse:
        Vitamin A
           All Sisters

I know that it can take times to do research and take action on protecting the environment immediately.  However, I truly believe that every little effort of an individual can tremendously help to keep the oceans clean and safe.  Together, we can protect our blue beaches and save the water from being impending polluted.  Every choice we make in life is very powerful and influential; therefore, nothing is more important than individuals concerning about the matter.  Start by taking small steps; leave nothing else but your footprints at the beach! 
  •        Bring reusable bags and recyclable products to generate less waste
  •        Discard trash in closed containers and dispose of the trash properly
  •        Pick up any litter that you see in the water or along the shoreline
  •        Stay off the dunes to avoid further erosion or damage to the vegetation and animal species
  •        Get involved in coastal and beach clean-up activities

To end this post, I want to inspire everyone to BE A LEADER.  You can be responsible for every action you make as a citizen of the Earth!  Be an inspiration and don’t be dependent on others to take action first.  I admit that it can be challenging to make conscious decisions in life, but it is definitely worth every single effort that you pure into.  Our oceans deserve the best love from us! 

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