Little Villa dei Papiri

Have you ever imagine yourself living in the ancient Roman times?  As of late, I have been imagining myself awakening in the vintage and sumptuous castle with marble floors and bird whistles.  Whenever I travel to explore the mysterious pieces of world history, I continually wish to actually be present in that era in order to taste the real flavor of life in the Ancient World.  I always get fascinated by how ancient people could build such distinctive edifices using marbles and stones.  I am truly obsessed with the ancient architectures, better than those modern skylines that I see in every downtown corner nowadays. 

Anyway, I got a chance to pass by the Getty Villa to explore its antique architectures last weekend.  The weather was perfect for a mini-Italy tour day.  With an array of sunlight and an intoxicating bright atmosphere, the Malibu villa is quite a fine recreation of the Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum in Italy.  Besides the lovely and fizzy ocean breeze, I was absolutely blown away by the romantic setting of the villa's Herb Garden with fresh herbs and green shrubs - inspired by those grown in the ancient Roman homes for food and ceremony.  

And for ootd - outfit of the day, I keep my fashion elements polishedly in "noir de noir" to keep the look in simplicity and harmony alongside the villa.  Kindly scroll down for more photos that I have taken at the mini Villa dei Papiri!  Outfit details are at the bottom of the post as well! 

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