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Today post is dedicated to all of my readers who have never tried traveling alone before.  
So I recently had this small talk with a friend about the different passions that people have in life.  We were chatting a lot about traveling and exploring new things around us.  Now thinking back to our conversations, I realize that most people do not like doing things by themselves, traveling particularly.  The reason is either because people feel pointless traveling alone or because they are not used to the feeling of "being alone".  So why don't people travel alone?  Rather than spending time scrolling through posts from Snapchat or Instagram, why not spending a day or days to go somewhere by yourself and put your phone aside for a while...
Traveling does not have to be expensive or far-distanced.  You can simply go to a vibrant coffee shop locating outside of town where you have never had a chance to visit yet.  And this time, try not to accompany your friends on your trip.  Just pack what you need and travel by yourself.

I fairly believe that traveling alone does not have to be in a foreign country or a fancy place.  "Travel" to me means to explore a new place and to embrace your irreplaceable moment in life.  Now what do you normally do when you travel?  Take pictures, try new foods, go hiking,...?  The best thing to do when you travel is to do what you truly love doing.  You can even spend time just to observe the scenery around you, delve into exploring the things you like, and pass on doing the things you dislike.  While traveling alone, you are still opening great opportunities and engaging yourself in things that you have never experienced before, like meeting new friends on the way.  You will never know when there will be some strangers asking you to join their tables!  Traveling alone can help you to take a moment to appreciate your life, build new compassion, and create a positive mind.

"Do something that you do not normally do" does not sound appetite for most people because no one wants to change their regular routines.  We feel comfortable when we do things that we always do.  But trying new things will doubtless nourish your soul and renew your looking-glasses about life.  I think that everyone should try to do something like this once in a while, take time to go on "a date with yourself."  There is no hurt to slow yourself down and revive your mind positively.  Explore a new place and let you be yourself, you will not regret doing it.  You can be your own "Yelp."  Instead of trying to search for the place people often go to, why not trying to figure out what you want to do?

Ask yourself if trying to fit in is more important than doing what you love in life. Your mind only stays tranquil when you protect it from others' judgements and let it be free.  And in the end, it is you who will create your own unforgettable journey and widen your own scope about life.

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  1. You are absolutely stunning in this shoot! I love the look and your outfit. Everything blends so harmoniously together <3 <3 <3 Where is this location? It's so pretty. After seeing this post, I gotta do a shoot here in someday ;)

    1. Thank sis for your compliment on my post! This shoot was taken in Huntington Beach. Please come and check out this location when you have time, you will probably capture great photos there!