Strawberry Picking

Since it is now the peak season of strawberries, I decided to drive down to Tanaka Farm today to pick up some fresh strawberries and check out their farmers market.  April is probably the ideal time to harvest strawberries in California.  The moderate temperature with warm sun during daytime and cool air during nighttime is a perfect condition for growing strawberries. For breakfast, I always add fresh berries to my oatmeal, cereal, or crepe.  Strawberries are extremely nutritious fruits.  They are full of Vitamin C, great sources of dietary fiber, and high in antioxidants.  Strawberries are one of my most favourite fruits on earth!
The strawberry field in Tanaka Farm is absolutely stunning!  I was amused by the second I walked into the field because of its fresh feeling and vivid atmosphere.  I picked about 2 lbs of strawberries today.  The strawberries were very sweet and juicy.  I also bought myself some honey, fresh avocados and toasted corn to cross off some items in this week grocery list.

The weather today was surprisingly cloudy and windy.  I wish the sun could have shown off its glory today.  But I still enjoyed the wind though, I missed this kind of gloomy weather so much since I left Oregon.  I also left my camera at home today because I always packed light when doing most outdoor activities.  So all photos were taken by my smartphone instead.  And the lack of sunlight was probably not the greatest condition to take high quality photos.  However, I still tried my best to capture what I could, and I hope you enjoy the strawberry field as much as I do!

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